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Dogs have been loyal companions to humans for thousands of years. From their evolution as wolves , dogs are now in an environment and conditions very different from those provided by nature. Although domestication promoted the loss of many wolf-like characteristics and developed many individual breed characteristics like, retrieving, hunting, herding or acting as watch-dogs, all dogs still share certain basic primal needs like their wolf predecessors. These basic primal characteristics include adhering to a pack mentality and a certain hierarchy within the pack. Domesticated dogs still need leadership, and an occupation to exert energy on something that gives them a feeling of accomplishment (like hunting is for wolves). When these needs are not fulfilled, dogs begin to exhibit behavioral issues due to boredom, lack of structure (boundaries) and most of all lack of leadership from their owners. It is our goal to rehabilitate dogs that exhibit behavioral issues and to teach their owners the proper way to handle such issues and to fulfill the dogs' needs in today's environment.

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